Repurposing my Purpose

April 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I used to love to say the tagline, “I don’t like change,” although, I’m beginning to realize that I also don’t care much for routine.  As a person who majored in engineering and adores science, how could I have ever muttered those words? Change, and continuous change at that, is what makes this world turn.  It is the very definition of life.  I just felt comfortable with routine; I felt safe.  What I didn’t feel was alive.  The feeling of being uncomfortable, experiencing new things and exploring new-fangled places excites, challenges, renews, and changes you.  It gives you those fleeting moments of being present in your life.  Like a child, it provides almost pure, unadulterated moments of joy, fear, frustration, exhilaration, relief, and laughter.

The last few months have been complete chaos for me with not much time to focus on me, my photography, or any sort of online presence.  I’m pretty sure my camera is wondering if I have abandoned her for a newer model.  It has been a period full of large changes coupled with a monumental to-do list with a tight deadline.  I’ve stopped working full time at my corporate job, and I have moved – not down the street, not to the next town over, not to a new city, nope, not a new state, or even across the country.  I’ve moved across the ocean and to a foreign country (Belgium).  I’ve spent the last few months preparing and feeling blessed with the amount of bon voyage brunches, lunches, coffees, dinners, and dates that I had to fit into my schedule.  I’ve experienced more emotions in a few short months than Meryl Streep has performed in her entire career.  It has left me drained and with my tank on empty.

Thankfully, it is springtime, and everything is starting to bloom.  I’m feeling renewed (slowly)and am finding new inspiration around me.  I’m using this period to take inventory, pause, reflect, and actually think about the purpose of the next couple of years.  If I’m lucky, I might even realize it’s time to repurpose my purpose and tweak the direction that I’m headed.  Heck, I might even start down a whole new path.  But I’m seeing things with fresh eyes, and I hope that will roll over into my photography.  It’s time to start planning some trips and activities for 2014.  Any suggestions?

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