Are You Ready to Say Farewell to Old Man Winter?

February 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Old Man Winter, Father Frost, Father Winter… whatever you want to call him, he’s not relinquishing his grasp on the weather forecast.    Since it is February, many people are not in the mood for white blankets covering their front lawns.  They no longer need a white fairy tale land to make their holidays bright.  Most would be happy if Lady Spring would sucker punch Old Man Winter and take the wind out of his sails for a while.  Everyone is tired of shoveling. A good note is that there was no need to take advantage of those January gym membership specials this year.  Shoveling my driveway about 10 times in the past two months is plenty of free cardio and strength training.   

While I know it probably isn’t a popular viewpoint at the moment, I am still enjoying the season of icicles and flurries.  One of the most peaceful things in the world for me is to wake up, fill a travel mug with some coffee, bundle up, and take the dog for a walk in the snow.  That white powder blankets the ground and silences the world around me.  Snow makes your surroundings so still and quiet, and I’m reminded to pull myself out of this fast-paced world to stop, to be still, and to listen.  I reminisce about the simplicity in life and how much joy alone that brings.  There is no need for anything other than a few family and friends, a home-cooked meal, a good drink, and the challenge of a good board game.  It may sound simple and perhaps boring to some, but those evenings are often the ones that leave your heart feeling full.   

So I’m okay if Lady Spring takes the back seat for a few more weeks; let’s enjoy some white bliss and undemanding, effortless evenings next to a fire with friends and family.



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