Sunrise Serenity

September 16, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Most mornings begin with an alarm, then a groan, perhaps a snooze, but eventually a struggle to pull yourself from your warm, comfortable bed and start the day.  It sets the tone for your day as you probably rush around pulling yourself together to ensure you are not in for a late arrival at work, that the kids make it off to school without forgetting anything, that you schedule enough time in that morning routine to make yourself a healthy lunch and plan for that evening's dinner.  There is so much that goes into the morning routine that it almost feels robotic at times.  You become amazingly efficient at getting so much accomplished in that first hour of rising.  With that said, it is the same reason that those peaceful and quiet mornings watching the sun slowly appear over the horizon as the crickets sing a glorious greeting is so refreshing.  Time seems to pass much slower during those mornings where you can take in a deep breath of fresh air, feel the dampness of the dew on your shoes, and do nothing but enjoy the show.  There is tranquility in nature and for a few moments, there are no worries, no to-do list, no traffic, no one asking you to find something they lost or check their homework before the bus comes.  There is only morning bliss where the world, for a moment, is silent and calm.   Your mind is quiet, and you are truly at peace.  Those are the special moments that I cherish.

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