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Soft Whisper

…with your surroundings. As I move forward focusing my photography on landscapes, I tend to find myself trying to fit everything into the frame.  My subconscious seems to believe that if I capture the entire scene in the image, and fit in all the trees in the foreground and clouds in the sky, then the viewer will feel like he or she was there with me.  For certain locations, that logic works well.  Some locations it is about trying to encompass the vast beauty in front of you.  However, it is just as important to make a conscious effort to notice the details of your surroundings. Isolating scenes and simplifying the composition often times will deliver the beauty and power just as well as the traditional wide-angle shot.  As you are out adventuring with your camera, be sure to make an effort to evaluate the scene for bold colors or repeating shapes to photograph.  If you are having difficulty noticing the details or it just does not come natural to you, try using a longer lens to focus around on subsections of your wide-angle photo.

Placid Movement

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