Boulder Jumping at Hickory Run

August 20, 2013  •  1 Comment

While visiting my parents for the weekend, I dragged my mother out of bed early one morning for a walk in the woods at a nearby state park.  Initially, we were just going to go for a stroll until I decided that boulder jumping was the way to spend the morning.  Thankfully, my mother loves me and knows that a simple walk in the woods has the potential to take a twisted turn into agility exercises and yoga poses to find a fun composition (and the only tree in that entire field it seems) for an image.    

Hickory Run State Park sits in the western foothills of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.  It has the usual camping, hiking, fishing, and swimming spots of most state parks, but the most notable feature of the park is Boulder Field, a National Natural Landmark.  About 20,000 years ago during the most recent glacial period, a continual freeze thaw process in the ridges southwest of the field caused the boulders to form and be carried by ice melt to their current home.  In the summer months, the ice in the glacier melted and the top of the ridges broke apart forming boulders.  The melt carried the newly formed boulders and finer sediment through the valley to the location known today as Boulder Field.  The process recurred over thousands of years during the glacial melt producing the rather large field (over 16 acres).  As the glacier finally disappeared, it left the massive stack of boulders blanketed across the field.  

It may be a small park, but that is what makes it peaceful and relaxing to visit.  It is easy to find places when you can be alone with nature and feel like the only person in the world of never-ending boulders.  There are also plenty of other spots throughout the park for green scenery and water fun.

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Joan Emswiler(non-registered)
Hi Kevin,

Now you know we had your folks and Granny to Boulder Field when they came up here to visit. It's now your turn to come up and see it for yourself. See you soon
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