The Secret is in the Eye of the...

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The secret is in the Eye of the Beholder Subject

Photography has many rules to follow for an amazing photograph; however, many of those rules say to break those previously established rules.  Once in a blue moon, there is a rule that is an actual rule, almost established as a law that should rarely be broken.  In wildlife photography, keeping the subject’s eyes sharply focused is vital to a successful photograph (fine, unless you are shooing a silhouette of an animal or something of that nature.).  We are naturally inclined to look into the eyes and to read the expressed emotion. Even if shooting the profile of an animal, that one eye should be in focus because it will draw the viewer into the photo.  Capturing a catch light in the eyes is the subtle detail that really throws an image into the stellar category. A catch light is a light source that causes a bright spot of light to appear in the subject’s eye.  Sometimes, it just takes the animal to turn a few degrees for that catch light to appear naturally.  If conditions are right, sometimes you can use an off camera flash to cause a catch light in the eyes.

“The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


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