Scene Seminar: Sunrises and Sunsets: Part 3

October 15, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

In landscape photography, it is vital to remember that you cannot control everything; Mother Nature calls the shots.  As a photographer, you pick the location and composition and then you have to wait for the right moment surrounded by the right conditions.  Below is some critical knowledge about the proper camera settings that you can control to help create stunning sunrise or sunset images.  In case you missed it, here is Part 1: Finding the Location and Part 2: Camera Settings.

 Part 3: Preparation Tips

  • Back your gear early.  You will be much less likely to forget something or leave without fully charged camera batteries if you pack your gear early and have it waiting to go.
  • Waiting for the sun bites.  No literally, it bites.  Standing still for that long makes you a bug target so make sure you bring the bug spray or apply it before you leave, especially for sunset shoots.
  • Bring your own headlamp, small lantern, or flashlight.  Ideally, you should be leaving or coming home when it is dark outside so you need to provide your own light.  Personally, I like headlamps because they direct the light where you want to look and your hands remain free.
  • Pack the poncho.  Since passing storms typically provide you with spectacular shots, be prepared with the Gortex and plastic wrap to protect you and your gear.

Sunrise overlooking the Southern Appalachian Mountains

Do you have any tips or any gear that you always use for shooting sunrise and sunsets?  Share them by leaving a comment below. If you enjoy this post, please subscribe to my blog!


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